If you possess been competing from any level, throughout just about any sport, chances are you know about the importance of electrolytes. That awareness, in addition to how you implement it, can create all the difference to your performance.

Electrolytes happen to be usually solutions of acids, salts or bases. These might be solid, or liquid when dissolved, or possibly a gas. For instance, carbon when blended in water releases carbonate and hydro carbonate electrolytes.

Throughout essence, an electrolyte solution is some sort of liquid which provides the actual to conduct electricity thanks in order to the salts, angles and acids dissolved in it. This specific is why in some cases molten salts, while not dissolved, may be considered electrolytes. They conduct electricity.

Electrolyte solutions vary throughout intensity however, in addition to it’s this variance between dilute and strong solutions that determine how effectively the solution conducts electricity. The additional water, the much less electrical current transfer capacity, along with the sluggish the electrolyte answer.

So while normal water is critical to take care of hydration, it does indeed not give you the energy our bodies require. If you will be training or rivalling, you need anything more.
Recovery e21 is the planet’s ONLY full array natural organic electrolyte replacement product.

Healing e21 is dry out marine algae plus is naturally created from the micro-algae Dunaliella Salina, that contain mixed Carotenoids, bodily concentrated, without typically the use of chemical additives, and dehydrated to give a free of charge moving powder. The ingredients are qualified Organic, in accordance with Australian and USDA NOP standards. No solvents are utilized in the Method. This product is not genetically modified by any means.

Vitamin A instructions Beta-carotene
Beta-carotene is an antioxidant. Antioxidants safeguard cells from destruction caused by unpredictable substances called free of charge radicals. Free radicals are believed to add to the operations seen in growing older and disease.
Nutrient Benefits


Calcium supplements has four major functions in typically the body: structural (bones), nerve transmission (heart beat and blood vessels pressure), protein replication (cell growth), co-factor for enzymes in addition to hormones (muscle development, iron metabolism).

Flat iron

Iron is located in every cell and necessary for most functions. flavored electrolyte powder is an aspect of the oxygen-carrying proteins myoglobin, inside of muscle, and hemoglobin, in red blood vessels cells. Iron is usually vital to improve transport of air around the body.


Phosphorus is usually the most numerous mineral in the particular human body, with the particular majority contained in typically the bone (as some sort of calcium phosphate sodium called calcium hydroxyapatite). It also takes on role as a co-enzyme for a lot of cellular reactions.

Magnesium (mg)

Essential for muscle relaxation, which really helps to prevent cramping, will help support cardiovascular functionality, plays a major role in the production and stream of energy, helps to conduct sensation problems impulses over the physique to prevent emotions of fatigue.


Zinc is the essential trace component and required regarding correct functioning regarding over 200 digestive enzymes in the figure. It really is required for growth, development, protection, and optimal antioxidant and hormonal functiong